We began working on this project creating schematic images for zoning approval. The architects we collaborated with would provide us with information regarding their designs but additionally with the backstory of the Norfolk, VA area, it’s history, it’s demographics and what the city was looking for from what would be a new development alongside an existing architectural aesthetic. Over the course of around 18 months we would periodically update the images per zoning feedback until the final design was approved and construction was to begin.

By this point we had a deep understanding of the area and its history and thanks to that, we were contracted to take our expertise in video production and our new found knowledge in the Norfolk, VA story and to mesh that with the Hilton brand in order to create a symbiosis between Norfolk and Hilton. While our deliverable was to be a 3D video production of the hotel and the surrounding area, Hilton were to provide video clips of senior management talking about Norfolk and the value Hilton’s brand could bring to the area. We created separate video clips that could be used both by brokers and by Hilton in an extended video edit in order to provide both with versatile marketing tools.

The outcome was that by the time construction was complete in May 2017, the conference facilities that were one of the signature amenities of the hotel and the key selling points were fully booked until early 2018. Hilton’s marketing team cited Acusourcings visuals as an important factor in the success of the marketing efforts for the project and CNN included the hotel in the top 15 Southern cities to visit of 2017.